We Are Dope Dads.

Our desire is to create a global impact that will inspire fathers to be DOPE: Do Our Part Everyday in the lives of our children, families, and the community.


To help men to optimize their growth as individuals, leaders, and fathers.


Our vision is to connect with fathers in a way that will increase the percentage of quality time spent with their loved ones. We seek to help improve their physical, spiritual, and psychological health along with providing essential resources.

Birth Story

dope dads was born with the birth of my daughter, Taylor, in 2015.

However, its foundation was rooted in my first experience with fatherhood, as a son to a father who was physically present, but in many significant ways was absent. While I love and respect my father, I missed my "dad" growing up and I now recognize the difference.

As Taylor's father, I am committed to breaking the cycle not only for her, but for others who share my experience.

Thank You To Our Partners & Sponsors